AEW Rampage contract signing Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa turn into chaotic brawl


The signing of the contract between Women’s Champion Britt Baker and her challenger Thunder Rosa took place near the end of AEW Rampage, and Rosa said “let’s give people what they want you to cheat a**” and then signed the contract. contract. Then Baker said, “You could have just signed the paper the only time Thunder Rosa is relevant in a sentence is when she’s followed by Britt Baker.” Baker had a lot to say to Rosa, bringing up their classic Lights Out match and throwing a host of jabs at Rosa that Baker walked out of the match as a bona fide star and not Rosa.

“Who made the Lights Out match against Rosa? We made history and you won,” Baker said. “So why was everyone talking about me? I got the t-shirt. I got the action figure. So who won? That’s where it really started. That’s where you really became bitter, and now we all need to hear how hard you’re working and your work in the women’s revolution.”

“You think this (championship show) will validate you as a professional wrestler, and it can, but you’ll never be me,” Baker said. “You will never be the star that I am. You will never be the pillar that I am. building.”

“Let me leave you with this Thunder,” Baker said. “Jealousy is just hate based on insecurities. You don’t hate me Thunder. You love me. You love everything about me. You love everything I have. It’s yourself you hate because you’ll never be Dr. Britt Baker DMD”

She then signed the contract and as soon as she did, Rosa dove on top of her and knocked her off her chair. Then Jamie Hayter attacked her and pulled her away from Baker, but Mercedes Martinez came out and attacked Rebel. Then she got in the ring and pulled Hayter off Rosa, and they teamed up against her, with Martinez bombarding Hayter across the table.

Rosa would lift Baker’s AEW Women’s World Championship and taunt her opponent that a change is coming, and Baker was heading for the back without her title.

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