City officials confirm contract deal reached after months of negotiations with city administrator – The Dickinson Press


DICKINSON — City officials said acting city administrator Dustin Dassinger, who has served in an interim role since Brian Winningham resigned in April, reached an agreement with the city after months of contract negotiation.

At a special meeting scheduled for Friday, September 16 at 7:30 a.m., Dassinger will officially become the new city administrator, subject to city commission approval.

Mayor Scott Decker was tasked with assembling a six-member interview panel to score candidates for the position, in an effort to represent the best interest of the community. Committee members included Mayor Decker, Commissioner John Odermann, City Attorney Christina Wenko, City Human Resources Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk, Dickinson Public Schools Communications Director Sarah Trustem, and Vice President of the development of Stark Ryan Jilek.

Mayor Scott Decker was tasked with assembling a six-member interview panel to score candidates for city administrator.

Photo from the Dickinson press kit

The committee interviewed only three of the eight candidates, including Dassinger. Thereafter, the committee scored the applicants on a 0-100 scoring system – Trustem was not involved in the scoring process.

“When the committee met after completing the interviews we conducted, we rated everyone. I mean it was a significant difference in scoring. And Mr. Dassinger was above the other candidates,” Oderman said at a regular city commission meeting on July 19.

Dassinger received the following scores: Wenko 64, Oderman 64, Nameniuk 51, Decker 70 and Jilek 64. This corresponds to an average of 62.6. The other two candidates polled averaged 43.8 each.

In an email to The Dickinson Press, Wenko provided the term salaries of all city administrators who served Dickinson over the past five years. Shawn Kessel had an annual salary of $150,300; Gaa was paid $125,000 and Winningham was paid $158,600.

Documents obtained by The Dickinson Press revealed that Dassinger had previously rejected a contract offer. The initial rejected offer called for an annual salary of $140,000, with annual increases.

On August 30, Dustin Dassinger emailed Mayor Scott Decker and Commissioner John Odermann outlining his compensation expectations. According to emails obtained by The Press, the planned salary included a base salary of $154,304, with a 4% increase on January 1, 2023 and a 2% annual increase based on satisfactory performance reviews for each subsequent year.

“I appreciated the opportunity the city commission, and as a city employee, gave me and my family. I’m not here to rip off the city or ask for the ‘Moon’ , but I know the time and what it takes to be a good city administrator for our community. It’s not an easy job in our city, as you can ask our former CAs,” Dassinger said. in his email.

The email and subsequent rejected offer culminated in a tense exchange at the September 6 meeting, when the commissioners failed to make a decision after attending a 90-minute executive session to discuss the contract. .

A city official confirmed that the two sides had reached a compromise setting the salary price at $150,000, with annual increases of 2% – which will be presented to the full commission on Friday morning.


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