Government asks Justice Department to lead review of Securiport contract deal


A letter sent by the Office of the President bearing the signature of Mod K. Ceesay, Chief of Staff to the President and copy to the Secretary General, Office of the President, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Interior, Director General , State Intelligence Service (SIS), The Director General of The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) and The Director General of The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority state: The contract documents signed between the Government of The Gambia and Securiport LLC.

“The Department of Justice should conduct the review in collaboration with the contracting party; Ministry of Home Affairs and Department of Immigration of The Gambia, Ministry of Finance, Civil Aviation Authority of The Gambia, State Intelligence Service as constituted by the Cabinet pursuant to letter from the Secretary to the Cabinet dated of September 13, 2022.

“The objective of the engagement is to improve the terms of the contract where possible. The review should also include the possibility of integrating the cost into the ticket, as opposed to the current practice of physical collection at the terminal from the airport,” the statement read.


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