Initiation of partnership between JARDINE MATHESON & WONDER CAPITAL, Signature of contract between JARDINE SCHINDLER and WONDER DEVELOPMENT


WONDER DEVELOPMENT, the developer of the tallest building in Cambodia, MESONG, announced the launch of a partnership with JARDINE MATHESON, one of the largest conglomerates in Asia, as well as the signing of the collaboration contract with one of the most renowned elevator solution providers, Jardine Schindler during the ceremony held at MESONG sales center on January 14, 2022. The contract will enable MESONG to adopt class-leading elevator technology and hardware worldwide with state-of-the-art quality and know-how, provided by JARDINE SCHINDLER in its lathes.

Mr. Ben Chinthe project manager and construction manager of WONDER DEVELOPMENT and Mrs. Rachel ThuManaging Director of JARDINE SCHINDLER officiated the ceremony, along with all senior officials, business partners, guests as well as global professional companies, which marked a milestone for the project and represents MESONG’s promise to deliver quality supreme life to our owners . Ms. Gigi ChanFounder and CEO of WONDER CAPITAL, the parent company of WONDER DEVELOPMENT, alongside Sir. Pierre BeynonNational President of Jardine Matheson, also delivered video speeches at the event, celebrating the new beginning of the history of Cambodia’s tallest tower.

Our prestigious guests chatted and exchanged their appreciation for MESONG.

“Our vision, to be the best and tallest building in Cambodia, and our mission, to bring our investors and residents to Living on the heightsis not just a physical achievement of the architecture itself, but the quality and lifestyle for the future of Cambodia. Ms. Gigi Chan noted. Jardine Schindler, as a global elevator manufacturer, has a long-standing reputation and experience in providing reliable mobility in all types of buildings, from skyscrapers to shopping malls, in residential and commercial environments, including several iconic projects like ICC and One Island East in Hong Kong, NagaWorld and Marriott Hotel in Phnom Penh.

“The MESONG promises an exceptional development with first class facilities and utilities on the island of Koh Pich. It is a perfect combination on this auspicious site. Jardine Schindler will serve residents of the two towers and the MESONG mall. This is the future of life in Cambodia and I am proud to be associated with the vision of Wonder Development, Gigi and her exceptional team” Mr. Stone Beynon said via the video speech broadcast during the Ceremony. “Not only are the speed, efficiency and convenience of elevators one of the key factors when Wonder Development selected tower mobility solutions, but safety is most important of all.” underline Mr. Maverick HuiManaging Director of WONDER DEVELOPMENT.

One of our partners signs on the backdrop of the event to honor the memorable moments.

The auspicious ceremony closed the curtains with great success and blessings, attended by a batch of business partners and professional consultants of MESONG, as well as several major real estate agents. All the guests and participants gave tremendous support to the MESONG project and looked forward to the upcoming progress of MESONG in 2022. As the new partnership was established in the post-epidemic era, the redefined modern lifestyle of MESONG will be certainly deeply enriched as more elements are injected into the tower and mall, signifying an unprecedented level of indulgent living experience in Cambodia.

“Today marks the start of our partnership with Jardine Group. Schindler comes first. The most renowned and important escalator and elevator company will allow us live in the heights.” remark Ms. Gigi Chan in the event. “There are many retail and F&B household names under Jardine Group, Guardian, Starbucks, Lucky Supermarket, Lucky Premium and many other international brands are waiting to enter Cambodia. Jardine and our group are in active discussions to come up with a plan to bring prestigious lives and necessities into our MeMall. This is not only for the MESONG community but also for the users of all the booming residential and office buildings around us.

To formulate a total and superior luxury lifestyle for MESONG owners and local consumers, WONDER DEVELOPMENT will continue to expand its portfolio of services and partners to achieve such ambition at full throttle.

Please visit the official website for more details of the MESONG project:

MESONG sales center

Address: SH 09 & 10 (1st & 2n/a floor) Diamond Twin Tower, Sopheak Mongkol Rd., Koh Pich, Phnom Penh

Tel: +855 2323 2288


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