Joint e-learning project contract signing ceremony held


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: A contract signing ceremony on a blended e-learning pilot project between the Federal Directorate of Education and PTCL was held at the Federal Ministry of Education in Islamabad on Friday.

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood and PTCL President Hatem Bamatraf observed the contract signing ceremony.

Initially, the project is piloted for 17 schools, 80 classrooms and 3,500 students.

The main objective of the project is to assess the results of research through the use of different technologies on the learning level of students of different levels.

EdTech partner “Mera Sabaq” provides the content while PTCL provides various technology tools, including LDE displays, tablets and selectors, and integrates it all by creating technology labs into the main learning management system.

Shafqat Mahmood pointed out that the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training strives to come up with such initiatives that would not only bridge the digital divide by improving connectivity, but also strive to adopt technology to improve the quality of education for students.

The Federal Minister also said that the new SNC incorporates the use of modern technology for the delivery of quality education. International agencies including the World Bank and UNICEF are also interested in this project to assess which technology is most useful to accelerate learning for a specific classroom and this research-based assessment will be shared with different countries, he added.

PTCL President Hatem Bamatraf said that it is our national responsibility to support the government, especially the collaboration with the Ministry of Education is of increasing importance to us.


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