Kemp scorns ‘trash’ NRL contract system


As controversy continues to surround Newcastle Knights star Kalyn Ponga’s next move, SENZ breakfast co-hosts Israel Dagg and Tony Kemp have called for a mandatory transfer window in the NRL.

Mid-season contract negotiations are having a negative impact on player performance week in and week out, leading the hosts to despise the current system.

“Why are you talking about contracts five rounds after the start of the competition? Create a transfer window and have a month to settle your contract, or don’t talk at all,” Kemp said.

“The NRL must sort through this rubbish because Kalyn Ponga’s meeting with Wayne Bennett at Newcastle as they prepare for a match will throw him off balance.

“We haven’t seen Kalyn Ponga’s best in four innings.”

Co-host Israel Dagg also weighed in on the controversy, believing the players are definitely “shaken” by contract talks over the course of the season.

“It does. In my personal experience, it confuses you when you try to manage contracts throughout the year,” he said.

“Once you actually settle that contract, you lose a lot of weight. So, for now, the constant talk about Kalyn Ponga, “Where is he going, is he going to stay” (won’t help).

“Half his heart is in Newcastle, maybe half is in Brisbane at Redcliffe, and look it’s a horrible situation.

“The way they have to solve the problem is you have to have these trade windows or I don’t think you’ll ever solve it because agents are going to be agents, and they’re going to represent their players and the teams that they’re looking for.

“If they have some sort of window or you could be fined, something like that to hold them accountable, that would go a long way to improving their situation.”


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