KIRO Newsradio Headlines: Striking SPS teachers reach tentative agreement with district


A tentative agreement has been reached between striking Seattle public school teachers and the district.

It is not yet known when the pupils will be able to return to school: the pupils did not return to school on Tuesday.

Unionized teachers have asked for additional support for special and multilingual education, although the exact terms of the agreement have remained confidential.

Fuselage of crashed Whidbey Island plane could be identified by federal investigators

The National Transportation Safety Board, the agency investigating a recent plane crash at Whidbey Island, says it believes it has found the fuselage of the seaplane that crashed in Mutiny Bay on September 4.

Pilot and aviation expert Kathleen Bangs said crews will now work to surface carefully to try to figure out what happened.

“There is no voice recorder, there is no data recorder, the pilot is no longer alive to speak to us and there was no distress call. only clues they’re really going to get in there is looking at this structure,” Bangs told KIRO 7 TV.

Only one body has been recovered so far.

The Island County coroner identified the body as Gabby Hanna, 29, an attorney who lived in Seattle.

Fruit trees yield less after last year’s cold snap

Some fall cider pressing evenings are canceled and the homemade jam jars are empty.

Some of the fruit trees in our state aren’t producing much this year.

Washington State Tree Fruit Association President Jon DeVaney says the trees were stressed by last summer’s heat, which means many haven’t produced as many flowers this spring.

And, just as they were blooming, a cold snap prevented the bees from venturing out of their nests to pollinate the trees.

Landowners in western Washington say some of their early- and mid-season apple, pear and plum trees have produced little to no fruit this year.

Statewide, this year’s commercial cherry harvest is down 40% from last year and apple production is down 11%.

DeVaney says if the weather conditions are right next year, the fruit trees should bounce back and produce bigger crops because they have rested this year.

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Roadworks at Sea-Tac airport make overnight traffic delays likely

A road project could slow down your journey to or from SeaTac Airport.

A ramp is being removed which could cause traffic delays between midnight and 8.30am daily this week.

Tolt River Dam tests early warning system

From Tuesday you may hear sirens along the Tolt River Dam.

Seattle Public Utilities says it will test an early warning system that will let residents know if they should evacuate in the “unlikely” event of a dam failure.

Testing is expected to end on Friday.

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