LG Electronics signs contractual agreement with Global Brand, DAE


LG Electronics will provide outdoor LED information display (ID) panels in all 64 districts of Bangladesh to help farmers discover the virtues of digital communication. A Memorandum of Understanding, signed between LG Electronics, Global Brand and the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), recently established approval for this project at a hotel in the city, reads a press release. .

During the ceremony, LG Electronics presented its vision to create a smart city in Bangladesh with its latest digital signage technology. In addition, they presented their outdoor LED technology, designed to ensure minimum energy consumption, maximum viewing angles, better color temperature, dustproof and waterproof technology for this historic project.

This project will modernize the agricultural industry in Bangladesh by providing continuous support and service to rural farmers using a central management solution.

The MoU Signing Ceremony was attended by Dr. Md. Shah Kamal Khan, Project Manager, Md. Hasan Imam, Technical Officer, Agro-Meteorological Information Systems Development Project (1st Revision) , Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Abdul Fattah, President , Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., Peter Ko, General Manager, Rabiul Awal, Product Manager, LG Electronics in Bangladesh, Anupam Saha, Deputy General Manager, Global Pvt Ltd and Asif Karim, Deputy General Manager, Global Pvt. Ltd as well as other prominent representatives of the three organisations.

Peter Ko, Managing Director of LG Electronics in Bangladesh, said: “Agriculture is arguably the most important sector for the economy of Bangladesh. The development of this sector is crucial for future progress. At LG, we are pleased to provide such first-of-its-kind information display products and solutions to help farmers in rural areas.”

Rabiul Awal, Product Manager, LG Electronics in Bangladesh, said, “Since 2019, LG Electronics has been working in Bangladesh with its full line of information display products, with a Smart City concept, and this project is only the beginning of this visionary plan. ”

Dr. Md. Shah Kamal Khan, Project Manager, Agro-Meteorological Information Systems Development Project (1st Rev.), Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) said, “Digital billboards will be placed in all 64 districts and at the headquarters of the Department of Agricultural Extension under AMISDP. These smart devices will play a vital role in delivering critical agro-meteorological advisories, messages and information to farmers and stakeholders. They will greatly contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in Bangladesh.

Abdul Fattah, President of Global Brand Pvt Ltd, said: “Global Brand Pvt. ltd. has been working since 1996 as a leading solution provider and distributor of ICT products in Bangladesh. During its long journey, Global Brand Pvt. ltd. has ensured quality products, services and support by establishing customer trust and satisfaction. We are proud to say that LG is the first company we signed with, as a distribution company. Now LG is able to to earn DAE’s trust and confidence on its high-end outdoor LED displays for DAE’s National LED Display Project. LG went to great lengths to win us this project. For this, Global Brand is grateful to both LG Electronics and the customers who gave us the opportunity to be part of this historic project.


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