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OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow today announced the approval of a new contract for the Oswego Police Department through the Lake City Police Club.

The new agreement was negotiated over the past few months and recently approved by the police union and the Oswego Common Council. The five-year deal brings significant changes to the service’s operations, including a restructuring of the service’s workforce, the introduction of 12-hour shifts instead of the current eight-hour shift and substantial salary increases for each police officer .

Oswego police salaries will increase by an average of about 30% over five years. A five-year-old patrol officer currently earns $67,000. Under the new contract, the same patroller will earn $88,000.

In return for the wage increase, the union agreed to other items that would save the city money to help fund the increases. City and union agreed to eliminate shift differential, paid time off, changes to overtime calls and distribution, reduced insurance waiver and increased insurance premiums employee illness. Cash payments for unused sick leave have also been eliminated for new hires.

Barlow said the move to 12-hour shifts will allow more officers to be on staff at a time, providing better coverage and allowing the city to automatically increase the number of foot patrols, from patrols to cycling, special initiatives and application details that were previously carried out overtime.

Barlow also noted that the 12-hour shift and other contract changes would significantly reduce the service’s overtime, helping to offset pay increases.

“I am beyond proud to deliver significant raises to the men and women in uniform who serve and protect our community every day,” Barlow said. “The Oswego Police Department is a vital part of our revitalization efforts and has stepped up to perform tasks and functions that other police departments do not. Simultaneously, police officers across the country have been going through tough times recently and I want our police officers to know, without a doubt, that the community of Oswego supports blue, respects law enforcement and appreciates their service.

The new contract has received the unanimous approval of the Municipal Council and will come into effect on January 1, 2021.

“This contract is a success both for the members of LCPC and for the citizens of the city. Concessions from both sides have allowed us to reach a mutually beneficial agreement,” said Kevin Hadcock, president of the Lake City Police Club. “The new schedule will allow us to better serve the community and engage in community outreach. Although we are now working more hours, salary adjustments make us competitive with comparable agencies, allowing us to recruit and retain the best officers. We would like to thank Mayor Barlow for his collaboration with the union throughout this process and his continued support of our members. LCPC members have the opportunity to work for a city where citizens and elected officials recognize the important work we do every day.


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