Megan sues Carl Crawford’s 1501 label for an album deal


Megan Thee Stallion promises she’s ‘still in court’ with 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford as her legal team filed a petition last week asking for her 2021 effort Something for you hotties be considered an album under their recording agreement.

In court documents obtained by Complex and filed on Friday, Megan’s legal team at Holland & Knight claimed that 1501 failed to rank the 21 title. Something for you hotties as an “album” and that the label said it did not meet its “minimum recording commitment”. Meg’s attorneys now say that, given the label’s argument, “1501 wants to tie [Megan Thee Stallion] to release more albums under the contract for the financial benefit of 1501.”

“Contrary to the position of 1501, Something for you hotties clearly meets the definition of an ‘album’ under the recording agreement as it is no less than forty-five (45) minutes long,” the lawsuit asserts. “There are no other parameters or requirements under the contract for what may be considered an ‘album’ other than the total length of the album. As such, Something for you hotties meets its ‘minimum record commitment’ for the second option period of the agreement. To protect herself, her music, and her artistic choices, Pete was compelled to bring this action to seek declaratory judgment to that effect.

On Tuesday, Crawford took to Instagram, sharing a headline from AceShowbiz about Meg filing a request to dismiss a lawsuit against the label and J. Prince. Crawford wrote that “Only the real 🤘🏾town can relate.”

“Now tell them to sink my bread from 2018,” he captioned the photo.

The article published by Crawford points out that the “WAP” artist filed a request to dismiss a lawsuit specifically because she would not be able to publish music, because Meg shared a capture of screen since deleted from its post on Instagram. She also posted her own IG stories, writing that Crawford “never knows wtf is going on business.” As Meg reveals, that lawsuit was resolved given that she finally released music.

“The case that was thrown out against you goes back to when you weren’t trying to drop music on me,” Meg explained. “You and 300 have signed and let me drop the music so there’s no more business… We’re definitely STILL IN COURT and YOU’RE STILL SUED BECAUSE YOU OWE ME MONEY! !!I HAVE NEVER GOT PAID BY 1501 IN MY LIFE!I make money because I am MEGAN THEE STALLION!Grown men want to bully me and eat my name and paint me like a bad guy online because ‘they know those bandwagon haters went to eat that shit!

Meg continued on her stories, revealing that “mfs chooses with me, then when I say something I’m the problem, FUCK ALL YALL.”

“This mf got my accomplishments in this bio and hasn’t contributed shit SINCE 2018, NOT A STUDIO TIME, NOT A MUSIC VIDEO, NOT A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT, shit not even a flight,” Megan wrote . “But you’re trying to eat me AND CHOOSE WITH ME ONLINE.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s row with 1501 has been going on for a few years now, when she claimed in March 2020 that 1501 was stopping her from releasing new music. She had since asked a judge to throw out the contract and argued that 1501 was lying about the services he would provide her.


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