NYC reaches tentative agreement with firefighters union


NEW YORK, NY — The Uniformed Firefighters Association and city officials have reached a tentative agreement that would give about 8,500 FDNY employees a pay raise, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office announced Thursday.

Over the three years of the agreement, salaries will increase by 7.95%, according to the announcement. There will be a 2.25% salary increase on the first day of the first year, followed by increases of 2.50% and 3% in the second and third years, the mayor’s office said.

“FDNY firefighters are the bravest in New York City, and each of us benefits from the commitment of UFA members,” de Blasio said in a statement. “With this agreement, we are proud to increase the salaries of 8,500 employees in a way that is fair and consistent with our uniformed model.”

In addition, the parties have agreed to increase the longevity allowance. The net cost of this settlement for the current fiscal year, including retroactive payments dating back to August 2017, is about $400 million, which has already been funded, the mayor’s office said.

“UFA is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to resolve a new three-year contract for all UFA members,” Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, said in a statement. a statement. “In addition to wage increases for all firefighters, firefighters, windshield wipers, marine engineers and pilots, we have reached an agreement to achieve the service and longevity differentials of 2.25% for our members. A big thank you to [the New York City Office of Labor Relations] and the FDNY for accomplishing this just in time for the holidays and before the start of the new administration.

The terms of the agreement must be ratified by the members of the UFA.

With this agreement, the city has entered into contractual agreements with approximately 91% of the unionized workforce.


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