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(Clarinda) – Page County has officially taken the first steps to start the courthouse window project after signing a contract with an architectural firm.

Meeting in regular session Tuesday morning, the Page County Board of Supervisors heard two proposals from architectural firms to oversee the window project. The window project has been presented to the council several times, and recently the council decided to contract out to ensure the project was done well. Architect Jerry Purdy representing Farnsworth Group of Waukee and Architect Jerry Berggren representing Berggren Architects of Lincoln presented their bids to the board. After hearing the proposals and discussions, the board formally accepted Farnsworth Group’s offer.

Purdy, during his presentation, after the company makes its recommendations on which windows will be used, a tendering process will likely need to take place for the contractor to install them.

“You’re a public entity, this project will most likely exceed your tender threshold and so on, so you’ll have to submit it to a public tender,” Purdy said. “The documents go into excruciating detail about the scope of the work, from the type of windows, the elevation of the windows, to the details of how they fit into the window opening. The idea is that this set of documents, you can distribute to the construction community, and they can literally take a look at those documents, bid on the project, and not have to show up here.”

Purdy also mentioned that offers have been “everywhere” in terms of price, saying he’s seen offers ranging from $2,200 to $3,600 per window. With the current project planned on the courthouse, Purdy says the total cost of the installation could be between $240,000 and $300,000.

However, Purdy says once the offers are made, his company will present its recommendation to the board.

“Once the offers were received, we would make a recommendation,” Purdy said. “First, the bidding process that was used, we will detail for you, and second, the lowest bidder is a qualified bidder and appears to be in good standing in that regard. The way we do is we ask for references and so far, to make sure we get a contractor who can complete the project.”

Purdy says his company will provide window inspections upon project completion as well as 11 months after project completion.

Purdy says the construction contract fee percentage is set at 6.5% of the total project cost. He added that if the actual bid price was different from the estimate, the percentage would change with the price.

“For total service, it’s 6.5% times (total project cost), that’s it,” Purdy said. “So if the construction supply goes down that percentage will reflect those savings, if the price goes up then if it reflects the market for what the supply was and it stays the same.”

The percentage was the board’s main selling point, as it included nearly every potential cost the board could impose on Purdy. Supervisor Jacob Holmes, who ran the window project, says the percentage makes it a very good deal for them.

“I feel really good about his (Purdy’s) candidacy,” Holmes said. “It’s all included in the same package, and it’s a fair price compared to the other guy with the other offering. I originally thought the last sentence meant there was something else to come, where it might add up to be comparable to the other offer, but he very clearly said no.”

Holmes says he thinks that if the fee is less than half of Berggren Architects’ offer, the council is not giving up a service by accepting Farnsworth’s offer. Supervisors’ chairman Chuck Morris said he intended to notify both bidders of the councils’ decision.

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