Piedmont Airlines cabin crew sign off on 4-year contractual agreement


A union representing Piedmont Airlines flight attendants announced yesterday that it has ratified a new contractual agreement. This will allow cabin crew of the carrier, which operates collection services for American Airlines under the American Eagle brand, to enjoy a range of benefits. The verification of the agreement marks the end of a story that Simple Flying has been following for several months.

The story so far

The process of securing the deal in question was long. As Simple Flying reported in September 2021, negotiations between Piedmont and its cabin crew had been going on for more than three years. It was around this time that rumors emerged that flight attendants, around 300 of whom work for Piedmont, might go on strike.


A key aspect of the ongoing debate has been the remuneration of cabin crew in Piedmont. After all, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), a major US cabin crew union, alleged that they were underpaid compared to industry averages. A month later, flight attendants voted overwhelmingly to continue the strike.

The move is seen as a key milestone in the AFA’s efforts to ratify a new contract for cabin crew in Piedmont. In a recent statement, the group noted that the strike vote “changed dmomentum at the bargaining table almost immediately.”

The October strike vote was 100% approved by more than 75% of the membership. Photo: Getty Images

The new deal

In January 2022, flight attendants achieved a major breakthrough when they were able to reach a new contractual agreement with Piedmont. However, it was only yesterday that cabin crew were finally able to wrap up the process by voting to ratify the improved deal. The new terms will be valid for a period of four years.

But what exactly are the benefits of the new contractual arrangement? With compensation having been a key part of Piedmont’s longstanding debate with its cabin crew, the 300 flight attendants will be relieved to learn that “substantial salary increasesplay a role in the deal. They will also receive an undisclosed signing bonus.

In addition, Piedmont cabin crew will also retain their healthcare benefits, with the agreement containing no cuts to what the AFA describes as a “quality program“Finally, the contract also includes”significant improvements in work rules.”

American Eagle ERJ145

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Considering the time and effort that went into bringing the new agreement to fruition, the AFA was pleased with its successful conclusion. Its Piedmontese president, Keturah Johnson, said:

“This contract will make an immediate difference in our lives in Piedmont. We work hard as aviation first responders and deserve recognition within the American Airlines Group. This contract brings real improvements overnight and for the duration of the contract.”

Johnson also suggested it could pave the way for similar deals at carriers elsewhere. She adds:

“As we work with Piedmont to fully implement this contract, we will also organize with flight attendants across our industry to negotiate continued improvements that reflect the value we bring to our airlines.”

It will certainly be interesting to see if and how the deal could be a catalyst for other deals.

What do you think of this newly ratified contractual agreement? Have you ever traveled on a flight operated by Piedmont Airlines? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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