Teacher contract agreement approved by Pike School Board


A one-year agreement was ratified Thursday by the MSD of the Pike Township School Board.

INDIANAPOLIS — After months of contentious negotiations, Pike Township teachers and the school district have finally reached agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The one-year contract was ratified Thursday evening by the school board.

“It’s a feeling of accomplishment and it’s a feeling of relief,” said Dr. Terry Webster, chairman of the MSD School Board of Pike Township.

the new one year contract will give teachers an average raise of 5.2% and more than $1.2 million in stipends. The minimum starting salary is $45,000 and the maximum a teacher can earn under the contract is $88,962.

In addition, teachers will now be paid more when they participate in sporting events and perform their duties when needed in the classrooms.

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According to the district, its goal was to raise salaries for “middle year” teachers with eight to 22 years of experience.

“It wasn’t a contract that was going to solve all of our teachers’ financial problems, but what it will do is give us a first step to make things better over the next few years,” said Chris Ludy, Pike. President of the Association of Class Teachers. “It’s for the greater good of the teachers, which then means it’s for the greater good of the students.”

This new agreement comes after multiple adjustments to the school day due to staff absences and a petition to remove Superintendent Dr. Flora Reichanadter.

Last week, the teachers’ association also released a poll indicating that 99% of its members had “no confidence” in the superintendent’s leadership.

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Ludy said that over the coming year he would like to see everyone working on communication, transparency and trust.

“If we can work on those three issues, and I know everyone wants to work on those three issues, the sky’s the limit,” he said.

Reichanadter was not present at Thursday’s meeting. The school board took action last week regarding his contract.

“Last week, the board approved not to renew the superintendent’s automatic renewal contract, and at this point we are in discussion about the future of the superintendent,” Webster said.

Webster will not comment further on his absence. He said the district is currently focused on moving forward and building confidence.

“Of all my years at Pike, this is probably the most contentious year I’ve seen, so my hope for the Pike community is that we can rebuild, pull together, regroup and reconcile,” Webster said.


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