UC professors call off planned strike after reaching new contract deal


This post was updated on November 17 at 11:33 p.m.

University of California professors will no longer strike after reaching a tentative agreement with UC on contract talks on Wednesday.

The University Council-American Federation of Teachers and UC held two days of negotiating sessions Monday and Tuesday to continue discussions on reaching a five-year contractual agreement.

At 4:48 a.m. Wednesday, UC-AFT announcement that the union reached an agreement with the UC and called off strikes scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. He added that classes are expected to continue as planned.

According to a UC-AFT Press release, UC will offer one-year, two-year and three-year contracts that include a written evaluation process. First-year hires will be given preference over new hires and will be granted a 3% raise with a two-year contract if they are deemed effective during the review process. At the end of a lecturer’s third year, they can now get a further 3% salary increase with renewal for a three-year contract after receiving a positive evaluation, the statement said.

Additionally, faculty members can also apply for promotions to tenured lecturer positions that include a 9% salary increase on their third merit review, with reviews now being conducted at the end of each contract. .

“This contract revolutionizes the first six years of a lecturer’s career at UC,” the press release said. “This contract provides a robust system to transition speakers from initial hire to ongoing engagement.”

UC-AFT members held a celebratory rally today at Bruin Plaza, handing out pizza and discussing the importance of their new contract with UCLA students. (Mattias de los Rios Rogers/Daily Bruin)

According to the UC-AFT press release.

The UC president’s office said in a press release that the new contract provides greater transparency and fair evaluation of workload assignments, including the creation of a panel to resolve workload issues. job.

The union also said it had reached a resolution on the two unfair labor practices it filed against UC that initially prompted the strike authorization. Earlier in November, UC-AFT alleged that UC management had refused to negotiate in good faith on paid family leave.

Now, UC has agreed to grant all UC-AFT faculty four weeks of fully paid leave and extended paid medical leave to all bargaining unit faculty with appointments of 66% or higher .

“This is an improvement over the 100% eligibility threshold in the previous contract wording,” the UC-AFT press release said. “We still think this threshold is too high. The UC administration’s widespread use of part-time, no-benefit appointments means that most UC-AFT members may never be eligible for paid sick leave, even under this improved layout.

This contractual agreement comes after more than two years of negotiations between UC-AFT and UC. In June, the University and the union began negotiations with state mediation after 48 bargaining sessions with 21 unresolved issues.

According to the UCOP press release, UC-AFT members will have the opportunity to vote on the new agreement over the coming weeks. Once ratified, the job stability clause will come into effect on July 1, 2022 and the contract will run until March 2026.

“This is a positive development for our entire community, especially for our students,” the UCOP press release said.


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