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Vice Media and its affiliate union at the Writers Guild of America East have reached a new three-year contractual agreement that consolidates four previously separate contracts. Vice Media’s 160-person bargaining unit voted to ratify the contract.

The deal, which the guild announced on Friday and called a “historic” deal, raises minimum wages to $63,000 by the end of the three-year term and provides members with minimum annual raises of 3% to 3 .75%. The agreement synthesizes previously separate contracts in the Vice Editorial, Vice TV, Vice News and Vice Digital verticals.

The guild says the new combined contract retains the benefits of previous and separate agreements while making new gains. The new deal offers a $1,000 “retention bonus” for employees upon ratification and also in early 2023; removes NDAs regarding sexual harassment complaints; institutes anti-harassment and cybersecurity measures for employees, including those who have been terminated, for up to one year; and provides certain employees flagged by the company’s security team with safe housing or other security protections. The deal also offers members guaranteed severance pay of up to 18 weeks with “heavier” terms and higher contributions to the employer’s flexible health plan (now $22 a day) for non-employees. Vice employees.

“The VICE union is stronger than ever and proud of our members who came together and fought for our third and strongest contract yet,” the Vice bargaining committee said in a statement.

Vice Media Group said in its own statement, “VICE Media Group is delighted to have entered into a new agreement with The Writers Guild and, going forward, our longstanding partnership will continue to grow stronger.”

The contract announcement comes about two weeks after Showtime talent, also members of the WGA East, wrote a letter to Vice President and General Manager of Media, Nancy Dubuc, asking the company to enter into a contract. “fair and equitable” with the union. (This contract covers writers working on the Vice series on Showtime.)

During the negotiations, which began in October, the union’s Twitter account Vice Media claims that management was asking the union to accept “worse conditions” than in past contracts and “refusing to budge on fundamental things, like simply defining our working hours”. Earlier in 2021, the company announced that it would reduce its number of written stories in a pivot to emphasize video and visual storytelling.

WGA East Executive Director Lowell Peterson of the new Vice Media contract adds: “Thanks to a unified and strong union, VICE workers will now be working under one collective bargaining agreement. This new contract and its substantial gains are a testament to the diligent efforts of the VICE Bargaining Committee to address the concerns and aspirations of workers at a company that continues to grow in an ever-changing media landscape.


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